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Building Trust and Developing Teacher Leadership

When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb.”

Patanjali, Ancient Yoga Master

When I first began as an educational consultant I thought that my core business would…


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Australian Children's Television Foundation: Education Meet

Education Events Calendar

ACTF Education Meet

3 March 2014, 3:45pm - 4:30pm

Join our Education Network to learn from expert educational professionals and to connect with like-minded educators who share their ideas about how to engage students in a contemporary classroom!


Monday 3 March 2014



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OZeLIVE conference - seeking presenters and participants

The Australia eSeries and the Learning Revolution Project are forming a partnership to bring you the first OZeLIVE (#ozelive) conference - a conference that seeks to feature the…


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Bringing Parents into the Learning Partnership

A student’s performance is mostly impacted by three communities

  1. The School Learning Environment
  2. The Student’s Peer Community and their own beliefs about learning
  3. The Parental / Family Community

Schools tend to spend most of their time, money and energy working…


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Sharing Ideas, Practices, Roadmaps and Worked Examples

As you may know (from all my blog posts here) we have been in the business of running pedagogical and leadership workshops that not only shift people's thinking but provide hands-on practical approaches to implement great learning practices and learning cultures within your school.

One of the great benefits of being a consultancy that works across school systems and many schools is that we see great ideas, practices and learning materials that we love sharing. In light of this every…


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Choose Your Own Adventure...

I always loved Choose Your Own Adventure stories when I was a kid, and with so many students needing support in writing, this approach allows for ample peer support.  I love using this collaborative technique to model narrative writing.  It naturally integrates technology by using PowerPoint to actually publish the narrative.

It can be insanely time-consuming, but it's so worthwhile.  Currently this year I have four students in my class who are literally in need of 'one on one'…


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Can DO Lists

One of the things I love about being an educational consultant is that I am always learning from schools as they learn from me. My work becomes an automatic structure for reflection, growth and the challenging or expanding of my thinking. As I go from school to school I pick up new ideas, new ways of thinking about what I am discussing at the time, and…


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GBL - Electrocity

I have been testing the waters of GBL in a grade 3/4 classroom this year. It has been a wonderful challenge for me as a teacher and students have been open to and enthusiastic about using games to support their learning. It has taken a longer period of time (compared to previous years with grade 5/6 students) to help students understand that we play games with a learning focus in mind. I have had to pack up the PlayStation2 and take it home once this year due to students watching the GBL…


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A glimpse into a "Day in the Life of a Connected Educator"

It started as a normal, fairly mundane school day.........

Well connected teachers will  find there are many ways to learn, share and teach, teachable moments arise constantly and interruptions to normal routines may become the norm. Yesterday was one such day, when normal classes were planned and a relaxing night at home anticipated, but....

World Museum Scratch Day Saturday, May 18th

Year 8 students are participating in  the Squares, Circles and…


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Moving from a Deficit to a Developmental Mindset

Deficit (noun):  Inadequacy or insufficiency, an unfavourable condition or position, to be lacking or a shortage. From the Latin – it lacks

Developmental (noun):  The act of developing from a simpler or lower to a more advanced, mature or complex form or stage


I received…


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Sharing War Stories Between Schools Virtually

]The two classes in action

Our Hawkesdale P12 College year 6 students linked up virtually with Lismore Primary School (approximately 1 1/4 hours drive away) to share war stories of their great or great great grandparents. As Australia celebrates Anzac Day tomorrow, April 25th, to remember those who fought for our country, this was great use of polycom equipment and  smart boards to be able to connect and…


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Movement, Mental Imagery and Performance

 test-dry-run-29014081 Human beings, like all species, are very physically oriented. Up to 70% of the brain is devoted to movement and operating in a complex environment. So it comes as no surprise that research in the latest Behaviour and Brain Functions journal that adding movement to rehearsal can improve…


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Self-learning resources for secondary students, teachers, educators and youth workers

The Ecosynergy Group carriers out a number of storytelling research projects in the Education sector. The aim is to identify the narrative elements that optimize impact on their audience. This methodology was developed in a foundational research project whose findings supported key reports, such as the 2011 Mayoral Taskforce on youth employment. These reports outlined that youth want to be exposed to and learn from diverse peer role models.…


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Avoiding Shotgun Learning

Quite often, developing powerful and meaningful key understandings is an area that teachers struggle with as they create and plan authentic rich task units. This is a critical step that many teachers can gloss over in planning but can make a profound difference to having clear, powerful units that provide great learning opportunities.

What we have experienced…


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Toddler Technology

Kids born in 2012 are the 'touch' generation born into a highly technical world. As toddlers they will never know a world without digital cameras, computers, DVDs, iPads and Smartphones or Skype. Touch the screen and it all happens! No need to wait until you have the physical skills to master the mouse as your parents did. Discussion often centres on the impact of new technologies on teenagers but toddlers also have access to a wide range of multiple media. I note, with wonder and concern, that… Continue

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The challenge of navigating professional growth in a contract teaching context

I consider professional growth is vital to fulfilment in any career... if we are not flexing our mental muscles, they atrophy and waste away, making us weak engagers. Since qualifying as a teacher in 2004, I have been shifting sites fairly continuously, and have worked 7 sites in 8 years with the contracts becoming shorter, not longer. I have finally shifted out of government schools to the private sector to try and gain permanency so I can develop one set of skills rather than continuously…


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Scaffolding Student Accountability

A conversation I have been having with teachers I have been working with for the past 6 months revolves around creating structures of accountability for students. This stems from the analogy I use to contextualise the importance of scaffolding student centred learning.

The essence of the argument is that…


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When Learning is Real!

Students in year 7 are learning how to use some of the lesser known features of MS Powerpoint. After creating animations in Powerpoint, I was going to get them to create games in Powerpoint. This was dependent on them accessing a file in the network drive in a 2011 folder. To my dismay, the folder had been removed. Now what!

I had just finished chatting to Lorraine Leo in skype re the imminent hurricane that was soon to…


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Is Ability Grouping or Streaming Effective?

We have been approached by a number of teachers over the past few months to discuss the value of streaming students in ability groupings as a way of improving performance. There is also a big push amongst education unions to lower class sizes as a way of again improving performance of students. The…


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Professional learning networks - what are they, how could I use one, how can I build my own?

Your professional learning network (also known as personal learning network or PLN) is all the people and resources you engage with (this includes your online and face to face contacts). This network is personal to you, and you can choose what it looks like, who is part of it, how and when you use it.

You can use your PLN as a resource to:

  • Search for information or ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Make new contacts
  • Share your plans, drafts for feedback,…

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