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Leave a link to your blog so that we can get an idea of who, in the Educators Guide network, are blogging and what they are blogging about. You might also like to leave a short description of your role and location in order to facilitate development of effective networks.

This discussion is based on a very successful post by Mary Beth Hertz on The Educator's PLN.

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Hi Russell,
Just came back from visiting your blog. Love your work. The Live Science site is great. Will check in again soon.
Hi Russell, I have a teacher style blog which documents my journey as teacher in all things online including a passion for virtual learning, using online tools and global education. I also have a class blog which sets out my lesson instructions, class plans and resources for my accounting and years 9-12 ICT classes.
Thanks for sharing your blogs Anne. I have been having a look around your class blog and have gained some great ideas that I'm looking forward to trying out!
I have a blog I was using as a classroom teacher, and now use for classroom teachers to share all things to do with Japanese.
What a great blog Leanne! I've forwarded your details to our Japanese teacher. I really liked Matsumoto Castle. I thought castles were only in Europe!
Here is one of my blogs. I use a second one for my ICT class to review thir work and to help support their class mates.

Richard Opie
What a great resource for your VCE students Richard! It's great to see yours, and other blogs aimed at this level of education, sometimes I feel the primary teachers are a little ahead of us in their use of blogs.
Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share our blogs Russell! I use class blogs for Science, Maths, Biology and Environmental Science. Most of my teacher reflections are posted on the Technoscience site.

Technoscience at

Technomaths at

VCE Biology at

VCE Environmental Science at
Hi Britt
You're blogs are fantastic! Really well organised, informative, and relevant to our learning communities. Thanks for sharing. I established my own url and use wordpress in that. However your blogs lead me to think that I might have been better to just go with edublogs.
I have a class blog:

I've found I can use it to share most of the things I need to, and rarely used the teacher blog I set up.
Hi Russell,

I have two blogs. One I use to review Young Adult and Children's fiction for students, teachers and...well, everyone really. I also have students who write reviews for me and post them on the blog. You can find it here

I have just begun another bog to assist facilitation of a book club I am running with our Year 7 and 8 students.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with the wider community!

Tye :)
I have a blog called Teachers Space- Linking Special Education and the Mainstream World'
I post about resources available via the internet that can be used in inclusive classroom settings.
I also have a Regional ASD Support Ning which provides online resources for teachers working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.It is a locked site, but I am happy to send a guest link to anyone who might be interested in having a look or perhaps even signing up. Just contact me via the 'inbox' messaging system.
I would really like to touch base with anyone interested in learning or blogging about inclusive education, special education or autism.



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